EFWO's Annual Campaign 2016

We're all about making fun of ourselves. We torture you with our terrible jokes and infuse our messages with warped humor in hopes of getting you pumped for Dayton MUD each year. But sometimes we lose sight of why we're really here – why we do all of this.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio does more than put on your favorite event of the summer. They provide services like emergency prescription assistance, school nurse training, counselling, physician referral, and community building.

Additionally, they are working tirelessly to build new and innovative therapies such as an open art studio, interactive sensory therapies, and exciting social support groups and gatherings.

All of these programs & services are made possible thanks to generous contributions from people like you.

During this holiday season we ask you to keep in mind the 1 in 26 individuals facing epilepsy. This could be your mom, dad, sibling, friend, or coworker. Epilepsy does not discriminate. We have to band together and fight this seizure disorder.

For more information on the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio or to get involved, go to ohioepilepsy.org. Make a difference today.

To donate, click here.


Your friends,

Nate Budde
Mitch Hausfeld

The MUD Guys