How to Register

Let's get started! The information below is intended for the Team Captain. It is important the Captain have internet access and be able to communicate to the rest of the team. The Captain is responsible for registration, team mate registration, payments to EFWO, and distribution of rules and regulations to the team. Be sure to read the following steps to ensure your team's online registration is successful.

  1. Reserve your spot at MUD by registering now! You can always add/modify your team members later. The earlier you register, the better the chance of getting your desired team name and court. Plus you'll save money by registering early! See pricing below.

  2. Choose a team name. Creativity is key.

  3. Decide whether you want to play in the Optional Tournament or the Auto-Tournament. Need help deciding? Click here.

  4. Make sure you've got the required number of players. Your team must have 6 to 10 players, including you. Each team must have at least 2 female players, but is not required to have any male players.

  5. Invite your teammates to join you! Once you have paid for registration, you will be able to add your team members via our online platform. All you will need is a valid email address for each player. Email addresses cannot be duplicated.

  6. Each player must complete a Waiver of Liability to participate. Once you have invited them through our registration platform, they will be able to log on and complete their waiver. Your registration is not complete and you will not receive your team's wristbands until all players have accepted the waiver of liability online.

  7. Register online by clicking the link above! Online registrations must be completed with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Stop by the office to register if you're paying with cash/check.

Offline Payment


Offline payment is also available. We recommend online payment because it is easy and less work for you! All registrations, regardless of online/offline payment, will be run through our online registration system. Paper waivers and rosters are not available. If you are interested in offline registration please contact EFO. 


Need more help? Check the frequently asked questions or give us a shout!